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Web Site Marketing Strategy - Article Submission To Article Directories
by: Greg Lietz
Every website needs traffic. Itís pretty simple really. No matter how wonderful your website design is, it will just squander in no man's land if no one ends up visiting it. Obviously, if you have a business enterprise being run on your web site, the need for traffic becomes an absolute necessity, since without traffic, no one visits the site which means you get no business. Your automatic recurring income stream is dependent on the number of visitors you will receive as you drive traffic to your web site.

As far as getting web site traffic goes, there are many ways to accomplish this. There are some that market a guaranteed number of "hits" if you pay a specific price per quantity of hits. There are some companies that offer deliver bulk traffic for a certain period of time, say for a month or two if you pay a certain price. Then there are viral marketing campaigns in which you have a product embedded with your web site link that gets passed around (usually for free) to other marketers. After a while, your website link is in view of a lot different people and if the links are clicked, your web site receives traffic.

These methods of driving web site traffic are well and good; some offer more benefit than others, most definitely. These methods, especially lead or "targeted" hit purchases, will cost you significant dollars over time and may or may not prove to be beneficial for the money.

I have found one tactic that will definitely drive targeted web site traffic to your site.

The method I am talking about to get more web site traffic is called article submission marketing. It is a powerful strategy that will end up giving you many backlinks to your web site, without you having to lift a finger once your articles have been submitted to article directories. Because of this, article marketing is now very popular among the internet marketers.

How does article submission marketing work? Well, all you have to do is to write an article on a topic that has some informative content to it. The topic of your article should obviously be about what your web site is about. This is so that people that read would read your article, will also be interested in going to your web site, because the content of the article and the content of the web site are based on the same or a similar topic.

You don't even really need to know much about the subject you are writing the article about since there are resources available that you can use to provide a baseline that would have enough informative content in it to get your article started. Generally, a 350 to 900 word article is all that is needed.

Once you have written the article, you need to submit it to an article directory to get it published. There are many article directories to submit to. A few good article directories I know of are mentioned here,,, and Once the article submission is completed to one article directory, continue to submit to others.

At the very end of your article, you should include a resource box. The resource box contains a short bio about you as well as a link to your web site. Then, once your article has been submitted to many article directories, your link on the directory will provide a one way backlink to your web site, which is great for search engines to recognize your site as one that is relevent for the topic you wrote about (and what your website is about).

Now, every time a user visits the article directory and reads your article, three benefits would result:

1. In the mind of the reader, you would be branded as an expert of the topic you wrote about.
2. Your link will get exposure from article submission to any directories it ends up on.
3. Copies of your article may be put on a reader's own web site, giving you even more backlinks from those new sites your article is now hosted on.

Article directories appear prominently in search engine results because of all the content they contain. If you have written your articles to make good use of relevant keywords of your topic, there would be a better chance that the page where it will be hosted would appear in the results page of many related search queries. Article submission marketing is the best and cheapest way to get backlinks that you could ever want in the world of web site marketing!

Additionally, editors of electronic magazines, or eZines, as well as webmasters, regularly browse through article directories looking for articles they could use as content for their newsletters or their sites. If they find your article to be of interest and decide to copy it for republishing, they may providing they keep your resource box intact. This is to avoid copyright infringement. When this is done, it gives your link even more exposure because now it is being hosted on even more web sites, article dirtectories, ezines, etc.

The best thing about having your article on other web sites is that the article directories will never delete hosted articles. The possibility of your article getting picked up by editors and webmasters the world over would go on and on for as long as your article is there in the article directories.

Obviously, possessing some writing skills would make the process easier. But if you are not blessed with such skills, or if you simply donít have the time to prepare your own articles, you could always hire the services of a ghostwriter. The going rate of a 500 word article these days is somewhere in the vicinity of $5 to $15. Any amount below this range would be a bargain. Just make sure that the ghostwriter is perfectly qualified for the job and that he formally agrees to provide you with original material.

Imagine the power of article submission marketing when your mass quantites of articles are submitted to the many article directories. Talk about bang for the buck - or in this case no bucks!

In summary, article submission marketing is simply amazing in its simplicity and power. If you have not yet tried this strategy, do so as soon as possible, and it will be sure not to fail you.

About the author:
Greg Lietz is a freelance writer and internet businessman. His main website is http://www.theonlinebizplace.comwhere he provides content about internet based business opportunities and different niche interests. He also owns the website http://www.theonlinearticleplace.comwhich is a new article directory that you can submit your article to.

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